Pre- Construction Reviews (PCR’s) / Inspections / Contractor Reviews

Risk Mitigation Services for Construction Lenders
Nationwide Coverage for PCRs, Inspections & Contractor Reviews

Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Industrial, A&D

Pre-Construction Reviews (PCRs)

La Mesa’s PCR reports identify
Construction Lender Risk and propose
solutions for Risk Mitigation.

Project Inspections

We conduct detailed Property
inspections, providing you with
comprehensive reports at every stage.

Contractor Reviews

La Mesa’s Contractor Review process is
extremely thorough, giving you the
confidence you are working with a pro.

Identify Construction Lender Risks

La Mesa’s Pre-Construction Reviews (PCRs) thoroughly
analyze your project prior to closing, mitigate risks for all
stakeholders, minimize the risk of budgetary disasters,
and help you craft needed solutions.


PCRs give lenders confidence their funds are being
allocated in accordance with industry best practices.

PCRs = An Expert On Your Team

Expert Evaluation of your project’s Construction
Budget, Plans & Specs, Geotechnical Report,
Construction Contract, Architect’s Agreement, Permits,
Environmental Reports, and Construction Schedule.

PCRs enhance:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Communication

Project Inspection Services Nationwide

Construction Draw Inspections play a vital role in ensuring
the integrity and timely progress of your construction
projects, while protecting all stakeholders.


La Mesa’s Inspections keep a consistent and watchful
“eye” on your project, ensuring funds are being disbursed
for completed work.

Construction Lending Requires Inspections

La Mesa’s industry leading Inspection Reports promote
transparency, accountability, enhance risk management,
and help ensure adherence to cost and budget controls.


A successful project is one that’s completed accurately,
on-time and on budget.

Contractor Reviews Made Easy

Validate a General Contractor’s qualifications with La
Mesa’s Contractor Review and Acceptance evaluation
before your project begins.


La Mesa can also monitor the expiration dates of your
General Contractor’s License and Insurance throughout
the Draw Process as well.

Contractor Reviews Include:


All business basics information plus:

  • Number and type of projects completed
  • Client, Sub-Contractor and Supplier references
  • Experience and Gross Sales (last three years)
  • Contactor License, GL Insurance and Worker’s Comp
  • Copy of Driver License and Criminal Background Review
  • OFAC/Terror Watch List Check
  • Business Credit Report, IRS Form W9
  • Authorization to release information and more.

Construction Lending Risk Mitigation:


Reduce your Risk with La Mesa’s PCRs

  • Level 1 Budget Analysis
  • Level 2 General Project Analysis
  • Level 3 Comprehensive Analysis (Projects $3M+)
Licensed and Independent

LMFCE is a Department of Financial Protection and Innovation licensed independent fund control and escrow company. DFPI # 9632520.

130+ combined years of experience

LMFCE’s highly qualified team deliver services with expertise, accuracy, speed, and professionalism.

Full Service

LMFCE is a full-service Escrow Company, providing Construction Risk Mitigation and Escrow Services. We’ve made it our business to be the only resource you need.


Whether you are a lending institution, bank, credit union, private lender, surety, buyer, seller, broker owner or contractor, La Mesa Fund Control can make your job more efficient and manageable.

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